If you like cooking with Cast Iron, you will love cooking with Olvida
  Nickel Impregnated Cast Iron.
  Complete with a lifetime Unlimited Manufacturer's Replacement Guarantee! 

  New technology - solves FDA Cast Iron dilemma. Ideal in
  professional kitchens.

  This indestructible product will not rust, is dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and never
  has to be seasoned.
Olvida Cookware 11' ribbed grill.

11" Grill Perfect For Induction Cooktops

The Olvida Cookware 11” Ribbed Grill is not only superb on conventional electric and gas stoves, it is awesome on induction cooktops.

Cast iron is used for cookware because it has excellent heat retention and diffusion properties. Olivda has boasted several advantages over traditional cast iron cookware since first introducing its nickle impregnated cast iron cookware in 2006. Specifically, Olvida Cookware is memory free, will not rust, is dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and never has to be seasoned.

Olivda has now recognized two additional advantages to its nickle impregnated cast iron cookware: it is ideally suited for modern, efficient induction cooktops because of its magentic properties and lubricous surface.

Induction cooking elements cook faster and are more energy efficient and safer than traditional cooking elements. And let's face it, they just look cool and high-tech. They feature powerful electromagnets. When a piece of magnetic material, like an Olivda Cookware nickle impregnated cast iron product, is placed within the magnetic field of a powered element, energy transfer causes the cookware to heat up - not the element surface. Since energy is supplied directly to the cookware by the magnetic field, almost all of the source energy transfers to the cookware for extreme efficiency.

Induction cooktops require that you use cookware with ferromagnetic properties, such as Olvida Cookware. If a magnet will not stick to the bottom of the pan surface, it cannot be used on the induction cooktop.

Raw cast iron cookware, however, easily scratches the surface of an induction cooktop while Olvida Cookware, which has a lubricous or smooth and slippery surface quality, does not easily scratch the smooth induction cooktop.

The Olvida 11" Ribbed Grill is ideal for grilling beef steaks, pork steaks, tuna steaks, marinated chicken breasts, and most vegetables. Ask any of the appliance manufacturers or distributors and they will agree. Remember the Olvida cast - iron will not scratch an induction cooktop surface as it is lubricous.

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